Flores de Tumbabiro


Flores de Tumbabiro S.A Floretum is an Ecuadorian company, located in the mountains north of the country Ecuador, dedicated to the production and marketing of summer flowers.

Growing with excellence

Our vision is to be a leading company in the sustainable production of flowers with continuous improvement and teamwork to achieve optimal levels of productivity and profitability and thus meet the demands of the national and international market.

Flowers that make us unique

Our mission is to provide our customers with personalized attention and the best quality products. Focusing on sustainability and responsibility towards the environment and the well-being of our collaborators.

Excellence comes from perseverance

Some of the awards we have received, thanks to the magnificent work of each of the members of Flores de Tumbabiro S.A Floretum

Certifications obtained for Flores de Tumbabiro S.A. Floretum


It is a comprehensive socio-environmental certification scheme, developed and owned by Expoflores, for Ecuadorian companies that produce and/or export, market and/or sell flowers. As a company, we are committed to practices that promote environmental care and the development, care and protection of the rights of our employees. For this reason, since 2019 we have been working under the social and environmental standards of FlorEcuador®. Through this certification we seek that our activities and processes have sustainable bases that allow us to achieve economic, environmental and social benefits throughout our value chain, starting with our production farm and collaborators, up to our clients and final consumers.

Good Farming Practices

 It is an initiative developed by the Ecuadorian Plant and Animal Health Regulation and Control Agency AGROCALIDAD, with three fundamental pillars: Food safety, care and management of the environment, and occupational safety. In 2019 we obtained this certification with alignment to ornamentals, through approval with FlorEcuador, to incorporate into our processes the principles, standards and technical recommendations of the standard, applicable to the production and export of our flowers.

100% Smoke-Free Environment

The Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador promotes actions that prevent the harmful consumption of tobacco and avoid environments contaminated with its smoke. For this reason, it has proposed this Declaration, which can be obtained by public and private institutions.

In our company we are committed to the health of all our collaborators and the impact community, which is why we have adhered to this strategy with the commitment to become a 100% smoke-free space by 2022.

Ecuador Zero Carbon Program

Better known as PECC, it is a strategy that the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition has proposed to promote measures that allow QUANTIFY, REDUCE and NEUTRALIZE greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in all sectors of the country. Seeking to change production and consumption models, all based on sustainable development.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is an indicator used to measure the amount of GHG emitted by country, city, person, activity, etc. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to calculate it in order to subsequently take actions that reduce these emissions. Finally, neutralization refers to capturing or removing the same amount of GHG that has been emitted into the atmosphere as a result of a process or activity.

Committed to global climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, our company has joined the PECC in 2022, seeking to obtain this recognition until the end of 2023, from our first carbon footprint quantification at the organizational level and seeking in the future to become a zero emissions company.


A glimpse of Tumbabiro Farm

A family from Spain gave us this beautiful video they made, when visiting the farm.


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