Flores de Tumbabiro


The scientific name of Lisianthus is Eustoma Grandiflorum and belongs to the Gentianaceae family. Lisianthus has a shape that could resemble a small rose with fewer petals and a more delicate and velvety appearance, despite its appearance and delicacy it is a very resistant and durable flower with an average vase life of 12-15 days.
The ideal climate to grow Lisianthus is a desert area and that is why our production is located in the strategic zone of Tumbabiro-Urcuqui-Ecuador, and from here our name.
Special and unique flowers, which can shine on their own or accompanied by others, which is highly desired by florists, especially in the wedding sector. Symbolizes elegance and deep and sincere love.
We grow double petal varieties in a wide range of colors: white, cream, soft pink, purple, peach, soft green, misty blue, bicolor pink and bicolor purple, being the edges of these bicolor Lisianthus that attract and enchant. They have no scent.
Our farm handles 2 cutting points: the closed point and the open point. The bounch contains 10 stems, that can measure up 70 cm.

Referential packaging in farm boxes: